"I come from a family and career that has been involved with public service for many years. I have been a firefighter for 24 years. My wife is a paramedic. We are about public service; protecting our community while at the same time moving forward. I want to work and fight for you. We need to grow sensibly, manage traffic, grow our youth through business programs, and make public safety top priorities. Being a city council member, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. Being a firefighter I know how to fight for people and my community." -Rich Constantine
Together We Can
Rich's Ten Point Point Plan for Morgan Hill

1 Advocate for Affordable Housing

2 Ensure Sensible Growth

3 Improve Traffic

4 Preserving and Creating City Parks

5 Address Homelessness

6 Fix Our Streets

7 Improve Our Local Internet Speed and Access

8 Promote a Sustainable Community

9 Keep Schools Safe and Fully Funded

10 Require Government Accountability and



Advocate for Affordable Housing

Affordable homes for teachers, public safety personnel, nurses, auto mechanics, librarians, restaurant workers—and other professions that make a community vibrant—has become the most important issue our community and region face. And balancing our desire to control and prevent sprawl while we incentivize housing builders to build homes or apartments for young couples, renters and seniors is a delicate balancing act.

Download Rich's 10 point detailed plan
Preserving and Creating City Parks

Having helped just open a new park downtown last year (Depot Park, or as my daughter calls it “Choo Choo park”), and seeing the enthusiastic response, I know that parks contribute a great deal to the sense of community that makes Morgan Hill such a special place. I have long advocated for another public park similar to Community Park on the North East part of town. Some of the push back I have received is that the housing developments have their parks for their residents. Well that is exactly the point, each Home Owner Association in that development has a park just for their residents - fenced off from the rest of the community. They are underutilized and not inviting to non-residents of those developments. We as a City can do better at providing public parks and open spaces for all residents.

Improve Internet Speed and Access

One of the more vexing issues I hear from many neighbors is the slow and intermittent internet speed in Morgan Hill. It’s an issue crucial for our businesses, local government and especially our schools and school children. Frankly, it’s truly astonishing that a major community in the heart of Silicon Valley has so many issues with internet speed and access. It has to be fixed. Other cities have addressed this with individual internet providers—we can do the same—and more. We have to explore incentives for providers to improve their services. Morgan Hill as a city has to look harder and deeper at infrastructure improvements we can make—fiber optic, better wireless relays. Our current situation is unacceptable.

Fix Our Streets

It is no secret that the streets in our city are deteriorating. We currently only budget $1.6 million annually for street maintenance. And the backlog of deferred maintenance is $21 million. The 2016 Measure B that was passed by the voters will provide us an annual disbursement of approximately $800K, but that still leaves us far short of what we need. Well maintained streets is an important aspect for any community and as Mayor I know we can and must do a better job. My plan as Mayor will be to have our City Public Works Department report to the City Council on a monthly basis on the status of our streets and the City’s efforts to secure the necessary funds to upgrade the streets faster.

Ensure Sensible Growth

Smart, reasonable grow th has two aspects— business growth and residential growth. Both have to be done in smart, sustainable ways that take into mind our needs as a community but also the quality of life for existing residents. See my booklet for full details.